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Optional Extensions to Clubguard Package include the following:-

Extension A - Damage to Greens, Courts & Irrigation Systems "All Risks"
Excess £250 each and every claim
Subject to the irrigation system being drained down 1st October to 30th April
Excluding application of or failure of fertilizers or chemicals
Excluding action of weather
Excluding wear, tear & course of play and maintenance work
Excluding mechanical and electrical breakdown

Extension B - Buildings & Tenants Improvements "All Risks"
£350 Franchise - this means that the Section does not cover any claims less than £350, and when a claim of more than £350 is submitted no excess is deducted
Explosion Cover includes commercial boilers
Including Architects' Fees, Local Authorities & Debris Removal
Including Day One (Non Adjustable) Cover with inflationary uplift of 25%
Subsidence/Landslip/Heave cover can be selected subject to additional premium and Memorandum 8 below, with minimum Excess £1000

Please note that if this section is selected the Glass Section will also be included per details of Optional Extension E below

Extension C - Loss of Licence
Standard Sum Insured £25,000 - a higher sum insured can be selected subject to additional premium
Loss of Licence for the sale of excisable liquors due to forfeiture under licencing regulations or refusal by the Licencing Authority
Subject to the forfeiture or refusal being due to causes beyond the control of the Insured

Extension D - Outstanding Debit Balances
Subject to loss or damage of the Insured's book of account or other business books being lost or damaged as described by Section A Property Damage Contents Insurance
Total outstanding debits claimed less bad debts must not exceed 75% of the Sum Insured
Subject to the Insured keeping their book of account or other business books in a fire resisting cabinet when not in use or off-site within a building

Extension E - Glass
Excess £100 each and every claim
All internal and external glass
Including damage to contents of display windows, the removal and reinstatement of obstructions to the replacement of glass and damage to window and door frames also damaged at the time of the glass damage subject to an aggregate limit £300
Excluding glass in light fittings, signs, vending machines or stock in trade
Excluding damage in unoccupied or disused premises
Excluding damage caused by workmen effecting alterations or repairs to the premises
Excluding whilst in transit or whilst being fitted
Excluding any item flawed or broken at the commencement of the insurance

Extension F - Frozen Foods
£50 Excess each and every claim
Standard Limit £500 - a higher limit can be selected subject to additional premium
Subject to a limit of £300 any one claim in respect of cabinets over 10 years old
Subject to the Insured effecting a maintenance contract to any refrigeration units which are not under a guarantee period and do not have airtight sealed motor and compressors

Extension G - Goods In Transit
Standard Limit £500 - a higher limit can be selected subject to vehicle security and additional premium
£50 Excess each and every claim
Subject to any unattended vehicle left after 9pm being locked, immobilised and garaged or parked in a secured, enclosed yard
Excluding damage to property in any soft topped, open topped or open sided vehicle if caused by theft or attempt thereat, malicious damage or storm

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