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MEMORANDUM 4 - Intruder Alarm Protections Warranty -
It is a condition precedent to the Company's liability in respect of Damage by Burglary or any attempt thereat that:

  1. Whenever the Premises are closed for business or left unattended they shall be protected by an Intruder Alarm
    1. the Specification of which has been agreed by the Company
    2. which shall be set in its entirety
  2. The Insured shall
    1. keep in force during the currency of this Section a contract with a Company, acceptable to the Company, to maintain the Intruder Alarm in proper working order
    2. obtain written permission from the Company before agreeing to any alteration to
      1. the maintenance Company's emergency service facilities
      2. any part of the Intruder Alarm
  3. If the Police give warning of a withdrawal of their service, the Insured shall immediately notify the Company.
  4. If any defect in the Intruder Alarm is discovered or the Police have withdrawn their services, the Insured shall
    1. immediately notify the Company
    2. not leave the Premises unattended without the prior consent of the Company
    3. put into effect such additional temporary precautions and safeguards as the Company may require
    4. notify the Maintenance Company immediately and give immediate instructions for the necessary repairs to be carried out.

MEMORANDUM 8 - Subsidence Extension -
It is hereby noted and agreed that Exception D(i) under Optional Extension B Buildings & Tenants Improvements is deleted and of no further effect.
The Policy is extended to include
SUBSIDENCE OR GROUND HEAVE of the site on which the Property Insured stands or LANDSLIP but excluding :

  1. Damage Caused by:-
    1. coastal erosion,
    2. collapse, cracking, shrinkage or settlement of buildings or any part thereof
    3. defective design or inadequate construction of foundations
    4. demolition, structural alteration or repair
    5. settlement or movement of made up ground
  2. Damage to forecourts, car parks, driveways, footpaths, walls, gates, hedges or fences unless specifically insured and then only when such Damage occurs also to a building insured hereunder such Damage
  3. The first £1,000 of each and every claim as ascertained after the application of the condition of Average
Limit of Liability
the sum insured stated by each item stated on the schedule.

MEMORANDUM 9 - Unoccupied Warranty -

It is warranted that -

  1. all waste, refuse and other disused combustible material (s) be cleared from the building (s) and surrounding yards and removed from the premises;
  2. all external doors be securely closed (and locked if practicable) and all keys accounted for; such locks to be changed immediately in the event of a key becoming misplaced or lost;
  3. all opening windows be securely closed (and locked if practicable);
  4. all accessible windows be securely barred and/or boarded and/or bricked up;
  5. all letter box flaps and other similar gaps and orifices be securely sealed;
  6. other than those required to maintain essential services and agreed by the insurers during the period of unoccupancy, all gas and electricity supplies to be switched off and disconnected and all water apparatus to be drained and switched off;
  7. the insured arranges for the premises to be inspected at least once per week or at such frequency agreed in writing by the insurers during the period of unoccupancy;
  8. the insured notifies the insurers immediately on becoming aware that the premises are to be occupied by contractors for renovation, alteration or conversion purposes.

MEMORANDUM 10 - Property in the Open -
It is noted that the following Exceptions are added to Section A - Property Insurance Club Contents

  1. Loss or Damage of any Property kept in the open by Theft or attempted Theft
  2. Loss or Damage of any Property in the open caused by riot civil commotion strikers locked out workers or persons taking part in labour disturbances or malicious persons.
  3. Loss or Damage of any Property in the open caused by Storm Tempest or Flood
  4. Loss or Damage of any Property in the open caused by Impact by any road vehicle or by goods falling therefrom, or by animal.
  5. Loss or Damage of any Property in the open caused by any Accidental damage.

MEMORANDUM 12 - Obsolete Buildings Clause -
An industrial or commercial buildings, occupied or otherwise, may be considered to be obsolete when;-
It is at least 50 years old
It is impractical to re-build in the same style and/or materials
It is not listed nor subject to any statutory or other obligation to rebuild or reinstate damage in existing style and/or materials in whole or in part.
It is hereby understood that in the event of a substantial loss, the Insured shall

  1. replace the building with another one of modern style and materials or
  2. purchase another similar building
In either case providing comparable facilities at a lower cost than that which would be incurred by rebuilding in the existing form. In such circumstances for the purpose of Average the Basis of Valuation shall be respectively;-
  1. the cost of erecting a modern building providing comparable facilities plus, if insured an allowance for Debris Removal Costs, Professional Charges/ Fees and Additional Expenditure arising from Local Authority requirements, or
  2. the cost of purchasing a similar building to the one insured, plus if insured, an allowance for Debris Removal Costs.

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