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Acceptable Propertyguard Risks:-

  •  Any standard construction ((ie brick, stone concrete metal slate tile) unoccupied commercial premises
  •  Any standard construction unoccupied commercial premises with occupied residential accommodation above
  • Any non-standard construction unoccupied commercial premises (with/without residential accommodation above) provided that the only acceptable aspects of non-standard construction are:-
    • Flat roof
    • External Timber cladding

We cannot accept ;

Premises undergoing conversion, extension or refurbishment works
Thatched Roof Premises
Composite Insulation Panels
Combustible Linings throughout
100% Timber
Risks with Portable Heating
Unoccupied Hotels, cinemas, theatres, nightclubs or holiday parks

Who can use the Propertyguard Scheme?

Intermediaries acting as Producing Agents for Propertyguard Clients, provided the Producing Agent is authorised by the Financial Services Authority. . When registering for the COBRA County Schemes all Producing Agents will be required to accept our Terms of Business Agreement and confirm acceptance of the terms required to receive Risk Transfer. We will require your FSA firm registration number and Professional Indemnity Insurance details when registering.
Please note that we do NOT accept business which has been sub-broked to any Producing Agent. We are happy to consider all enquiries from Producing Agents who are either the holding broker or prospecting broker with direct contact with the Client
We regret that we are unable to accept any enquiries direct from Clients- if you are a Client we would suggest that you contact your FSA authorised insurance intermediary and ask them to obtain a Propertyguard Quote. If you do not have an appointed insurance intermediary, check your Yellow Pages for a local FSA authorised insurance intermediary or refer to the FSA website

Risk Transfer

COBRA County Schemes has Risk Transfer from all scheme insurers.  Premum is received and held by COBRA County Schemes as Insurer Money, in the course of arranging or administering insurance on behalf of a Producing Agent. The Insurer Money is held by COBRA County Schemes in accordance with FSA Rules.  COBRA County Schemes is not entitled to take payment of fees or commission before receiving the relevant premium. 
Any interest earned on Insurer Money held by COBRA County Schemes will be retained by COBRA County Schemes.
Insurers agree that Risk Transfer can cascade down to the Producing Agent.  A Producing Agent may take commission when the Premium is paid to the Producing Agent.
Please note we invoice each attaching risk and do not issue a monthly insurer statement.

Client Money

COBRA County Schemes has Risk Transfer from all scheme insurers Insurers have agreed that Risk Transfer can cascade down to the Producing Agent which means that the Producing Agent will receive premium as agent of the insurer in accordance CASS rules.
SUBJECT TO:- The Producing Agents accepting the Terms of Business Agreement when registering as a new Producing Agent with COBRA County Schemes, or when updating the Producing Agents registered details on our website.


Insurers further agree to Co-Mingling of insurer and client monies AND Subordination to the interests of the client where Co-Mingling occurs.

Does the Propertyguard Scheme allow commission for Producing Agents?

Yes – we allow a standard commission rate of 15%, but if you have a large book of  Propertyguard Business (generally >£50,000) we are happy to offer enhanced commission deals.
A monetary commission amount will be quoted in each quotation and all subsequent invoices/renewal notices.

How to get a quote:-

Once registered on-line as a Producing Agent, you can submit a risk for quotation by completing our on-line proposal form. We regret that we are unable to accept any other email, fax or telephone quote requests. Once submitted on-line, you must keep your hard copy of the quote request – if your client accepts our quotation the hard copy proposal form will need to be signed and sent into us. We have set our Service Standards to respond to all quotation enquiries within 2 working days. Each risk is considered on its own merits and individually underwritten. We will respond by sending you an email which will link you back to the website for you to log-in and retrieve the printed quote or decline letter. (Remember to read the quote letter in conjunction with the Key Facts which you can print off from the website)

How to place a risk On Cover:-

If your Client wishes to accept the Propertyguard Quote you can send a hold covered instruction via our website by using the Contact Us emails. Alternatively we will also accept faxes or non-website emails. As soon as a Hold Covered instruction is received by us we will generate all policy documents, with invoice to ensure Contract Certainty for you and your clients.

Website Security

You can only access your part of the website with your own unique Broker ID number and password. All documents generated for your clients will be securely saved to the website, which you may access at anytime and print off as many copy documents as you wish.

Propertyguard Policy Service

All Propertyguard Policies will have documents generated for your retrieval. Every time we generate a document you will receive an email to link you back into the website so that you can log-in retrieve the printed document(s). All policy quotes, proposal forms and policy documents are all issued via the website. You can easily copy documents to pdf format and email these onto your client! You can also print off Claim Forms from the website.

Who underwrites the Propertyguard Scheme?

COBRA County schemes are underwritten by a selection of insurers. All quotation letters confirm the selected underwriter and all Policy Documents contain Underwriter details.


We have a panel of dedicated loss adjusters who are fully knowledgeable of the Propertyguard Policy.
Once we have been instructed to place a risk on cover, at inception or renewal, the risk details are declared to our insurers and in the event of cancellation we will not be able to refund the premium for Legal Expenses, Executive Liability or Group Personal Accident.  We will, however give pro rata Return Premium on all Non-Motor covers (Minibus has separate Time on Risk Charges) and refund some of our Fee (again generally a pro rata Fee Refund)