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Liberty supports COBRA County Schemes on its ClubGuard scheme

COBRA County Schemes (CSS) is pleased to announce that Liberty Mutual Insurance (LMI) has agreed to become an additional capacity provider for its ClubGuard product. 

LMI’s security rating with Standard and Poor's is A-(Positive).

ClubGuard is an exclusive commercial package policy for many types of clubs, providing a bespoke wording including a wide range of covers specifically aimed at the Club market; from sports to community clubs.

Typical examples of clubs suitable for ClubGuard are:

  • sports & social clubs

  • health clubs

  • gymnasiums

  • constitutional clubs

  • working men’s clubs

  • ex-service men clubs

With the new capacity, we will have a greater appetite and flexibility to write club business which will complement the existing capacity provided by RSA.

Obtaining a quotation is quick and easy - just visit our website at 

Alternatively, complete our broker quote template, and email to us at 

We always aim to provide a quick, responsive indicative quote within 24 hours. We look forward to receiving your enquiries.

For more information about ClubGuard please contact either Frank Such or Sarah Geddes on 01268 511 115