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Acceptable Management Liability Risks:

  • UK Private Limited Companies and non-listed PLCs with a turnover up to £50

  • UK LLPs, Partnerships and Sole Traders with a turnover up to £2m

  • UK registered Charities, Clubs or Associations with an annual income of up to £2m

  • UK Residents Associations/ Property Owners to a maximum of 200 flats/apartments/ private dwellings

Unacceptable Risks:

  • Financial services companies

  • Companies in the legal sector

  • Professional football or rugby club

Who can obtain a quote and binder cover under Management Liability?
Any Insurance intermediary authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority with a Terms of Business Agreement with Cobra County Schemes can become a Producing Agent. We only consider enquiries from a Producing Agent who is either the holding broker or prospecting broker with direct contact with the policyholder. We do not accept sub-broke business.

How to get a quote?

Simply complete our online quote facility. There is no need for a proposal form as this will produce a statement of fact. Quotation will be ready to down load from the quote engine including summary of cover/policy wording.

How to place a risk on cover?
Once a quotation has been produced cover can be bound by clicking on hold covered along with the date cover is required from. Policy Documents and summary of cover are produced immediately from the system and the debit will be added to your monthly account.

Documentation Retrieval Service
All quotations, statement of fact and policy documents can be retrieved from our website. You can easily copy documents in pdf form and email these to your clients.

Insurer Partner
Security is provided by AXA Insurance UK plc.

Full claims notification details are shown in policy wording along with details of rradar the Advice and Resource Centre.