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Specially negotiated for Club Owners & Members' Clubs by

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Acceptable Clubs:

All types of members Sports, Social and Health Clubs.

Unacceptable Clubs:

Nightclubs or Professional Players' Sports Clubs' Liability Risks.

Who can use Clubguard?

Any insurance intermediary authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority with a Terms of Business Agreement with COBRA County Schemes can become a Producing Agent. We only consider enquiries from a Producing Agent who is either the holding broker or prospecting broker with direct contact with the Policyholder. We do not accept sub-broke business.

How to get a quote?

Please complete the Clubguard broker template or send your new business presentation to
If you wish to discuss a particular case with an underwriter please contact:
Alice Bull CertCII on 0208 256 1938

Insurer Partners

We underwrite on behalf of a panel of insurers including RSA and Liberty. All quotations provide details of the insurers cover is placed with.


We provide a comprehensive and flexible claims service for our agents and their Policyholders via dedicated claims teams, by our insurer partners, depending on the type of claim. Details of how to notify a claim is below.
Clubguard - RSA:
Please email claims notification to:
Material Damage: (Please quote policy Number in full .e.g. RTT201364-CUA12-123456-C)
Liability Claims: (Please quote policy Number in full e.g. RTT201364-CUA12-123456-C)

Or Telephone No: 0345 300 4006

Clubguard - Liberty:
Please email claims notification to:
Material Damage: (Please put in email subject line that this is a LIBERTY / COBRA claim)
Liability Claims: (Please put in email subject line that this is a LIBERTY / COBRA claim)

Or Telephone No: 0344 856 2364
Personal Accident Section - AVIVA:

Or Telephone No: 0800 051 6583

Trustees’ Liability (including Management Liability) - AXA:
Call rradar in the first instance: 0800 955 6111 or email
Legal Expenses - Composite Legal / AmTrust Europe Limited:
Telephone No: 02921 158155

 Client Money / Risk Transfer / Co- Mingling

Our Insurer partners agree that Risk Transfer can cascade down to the Producing Agent. A Producing Agent may take commission when the Premium is paid to the Producing Agent. In addition Insurer partners agree to Co-Mingling of insurer and client monies and Subordination to the interests of the client where Co-Mingling occurs.

Commission and Credit Terms for Producing Agents

Standard commission rate is 15%, higher commission will be considered upon request. Credit terms are strictly 30 days.