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Section B - Business Interruption "All Risks"

Declaration Linked 133.33% Basis on Gross Income
Explosion Cover includes commercial boilers
Including infectious or contagious illness manifested by any authorised member, guest or Employee whilst at The Premises
Including murder or suicide occurring at The Premises
Including Food Poisoning - injury or illness of any authorised member or guest arising from or traceable to foreign or injurious matter in food or drink provided at The Premises
Including Closure of the premises by a public authority due to defects in the drains and other sanitary arrangements at the Premises
Including Damage to Property at any generating station or sub-station of the electricity supply
Including Damage to the Property at any water works or pumping station of the public water supply
Denial of Access to The Premises following Damage to property in the vicinity of The Premises which prevents or hinders access or use of The Premises

Section C - Members Effects "All Risks"

Including sports equipment, clothing and other personal effects whilst at The Premises or whilst at any other premises in connection with the activities of the Business
Limit £250 per Member subject to £10 excess each and every claim
Excluding loss or Damage by Theft unless evidenced by forcible and violent means
Excluding that part of any property undergoing repair, cleaning, alteration, renovation or engraving
Excluding consequential loss
Excluding depreciation, wear & tear, action of light or atmospheric conditions, insects, vermin, rust, wet or dry rot or any gradually operating cause

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