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Specially negotiated for Club Owners & Member"s Clubs by


Section E - Employers Liability

Limit £10,000,000 plus costs and expenses

Section F - Public & Products Liability

Limit £2,000,000 including costs and expenses - a higher limit of £5,000,000 is available upon request subject to additional premium
Excess £250 Third Party Property Damage
Including Member to Member Liability
Including liability in respect of loss or damage to premises (or fixtures & fittings thereof) leased or rented to the Insured (other than loss or damage caused by a peril which the lease stipulates that insurance shall be effected by the lessee or tenant) subject to an Excess of £100 of such loss or damage caused by fire or explosion

Section G - Personal Accident

For Officials and employees of the Insured whilst on official club business
Benefits of

Total and irrecoverable loss of sight in one or both eyes £10,000
Loss of one or more limbs £10,000
Permanent and total disablement (other than by loss of limbs or sight) which after 104 weeks from the date of such Bodily Injury prevents an Insured Person from following, engaging in or giving attention to any kind of profession or occupation. £10,000
Total disablement from engaging in or giving attention to profession or occupation Commencing within 12 calendar months of Bodily Injury as aforesaid week (payable for 104 weeks maximum) £100 per
Partial disablement from engaging in or giving attention to a substantial part of profession or occupation commencing within 12 months of Bodily Injury as aforesaid week (payable for 104 weeks maximum) £100 per

Including Medical Expenses up to 15% of the amount paid for any valid claim in respect of Weekly Benefits

Excluding death or disablement resulting from:-

  1. suicide or attempted suicide or wilful exposure to danger (except an attempt to save human life) or due to or contributed to or accelerated by any sexually transmitted disease or insanity (whether temporary or otherwise)
  2. pregnancy or childbirth
  3. Flying or other aerial activities except while travelling in an aircraft as a passenger pilot or aircrew nor for the purpose of undertaking any trade or technical operation in or on the aircraft
  4. accidents occurring whilst an Insured is (a) engaged in mountaineering or rock climbing necessitating the use of ropes or guides, sub-aqua or sub-terranean pursuit, winter sports, hunting, playing football or rugby for which remuneration is received or motor cycling as driver or passenger
    (b) engaged in or practising for speed or time trials, sprints or racing of any kind (other than on foot)
    (c) under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs (other than drugs taken under medical supervision and not for the drug addiction).

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