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Section H - Legal Expenses

This service is provided by DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company and there are full contact details provided in the Policy Document
Limit £50,000
Including Costs & Expenses incurred for accepted claims involving:-

  • Employment Disputes
  • Compensation Awards made under employment legislation subject to a maximum award £1,000,000
  • Service Occupancy
  • Legal Defence
  • Property Protection
  • Bodily Injury
  • Full and Aspect Enquiries subject to a maximum claim limit £2000 and subject to an Excess £200 each & every such claim
  • Employers' Compliance
  • VAT Disputes subject to an Excess £200 each & every such claim
  • Sale, Provision, Purchase and Hire Contract Disputes subject to claim franchise £250 but if the claim exceeds £5000 an Excess of £500 applies
  • Tenancy Disputes
  • Statutory Licence Protection
  • Debt Recovery subject to a claim franchise £250

Section I - Executive Liability
 (currently only available on policies underwritten by Wellington Syndicate Services Ltd)

Limit £100,000
For Officials, Trustees or Committee Members of the Club
Excluding bodily injury, mental anguish, sickness, disease or death or damage to, destruction of or loss of use of any tangible property
Excluding Libel & Slander
Excluding any pre-existing Wrongful Act circumstance
Excluding any action for personal profit or advantage of the Insured to which they were not legally entitled or the return by any Insured of remuneration to which they were not legally entitled
Excluding alleged seepage, pollution or contamination of any kind
Excluding proven dishonest, fraudulent or criminal act or omission
Excluding claims made against the Insured by reason of a Wrongful Act committed or alleged to have been committed prior to inception of the policy

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