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Acceptable Let Residential Risks

Standard construction properties let under short term tenancy agreements including student lets.Cover is not available for Bed and Breakfast risks, Local Authority Housing or Asylum Seekers.

Who can use the Let Residential?

Any insurance Intermediary authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority with a Terms of Business Agreement with COBRA County Schemes can become a Producing Agent.We only consider enquiries from a Producing Agent who is either the holding broker or prospecting broker with direct contact with the Policyholder. We do not accept sub-broke business.

How to get a quote?

Simply submit enquiry by completing our on-line proposal form retaining a copy of the quote request for your records. We will send an email once the quotation is ready to download from our website.

How to place a risk On Cover?

Please send a hold covered instruction via our website by using the Contact Us emails. Alternatively we will also accept faxes or non-website emails. Once received, we will generate all policy documents, and the invoice.

Documentation Retrieval Service

All quotations, proposal forms and policy documents can be retrieved from our website. You can easily copy documents to pdf format and email these onto your client.

Insurer Partners

We underwrite on behalf of a panel of insurers. All quotations provide details of the insurers cover is placed with.


Claim forms can be downloaded from our website.

Client Money / Risk Transfer / Co-Mingling

Our Insurer partners agree that Risk Transfer can cascade down to the Producing Agent. A Producing Agent may take commission when the Premium is paid to the Producing Agent. In addition Insurer partners agree to Co-Mingling of insurer and client monies and Subordination to the interests of the client where Co-Mingling occurs.

Commission and Credit Terms for Producing Agents

Standard commission rate is 15%, higher commission will be considered upon request.Credit terms are strictly 30 days. Please note individual invoices are issued rather than monthly statements.

Website Security
You can only access your part of the website with your own unique username and password. All documents generated for your clients will be securely saved to the website, which you may access at any time and print off as many copy documents as you wish.