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This is a summary of the policy and does not contain the full terms and conditions of cover, which can be found in the policy document. It is important that you read the policy documents carefully when you receive them.


Please ensure that full and accurate information has been provided to us or the insurer- all statements made on proposal forms, claim forms and other documents must be full and accurate. Please note that all information needs to be disclosed, this includes information where a claim was not made, but an incident occurred. Any information not disclosed to your insurers or to us could invalidate the insurance

Name of Insurer:

Each individual quote, and subsequent policy documents, will state the name of the insurer

Duration of Policy:

The policy will remain in force for 12 months from the date of commencement or as shown in the Clubguard Schedule

Type of insurance and cover:

This is a commercial combined policy

Your right to cancel
If this cover does not meet your requirements, please return all your documents and any certificate to the Broker, Intermediary or Agent who arranged the Policy within 14 days of receipt. We will return any premium paid in accordance with the General Condition in respect of Cancellation in the Policy Document.

If you wish to terminate the contract at any other time, please contact the Broker, Intermediary or Agent who arranged the Policy. Any return of premium will be made in accordance with the General Condition in respect of Cancellation in the Policy Document.

How to make a claim

Please contact in the first instance, the Broker, Intermediary or Agent who arranged the Policy. Please quote your Policy Number

How to complain

If you have an enquiry or complaint arising from your Policy, please contact the Broker, Intermediary or Agent who arranged the Policy for you or follow the Complaints Porcedure as set out at the back of your Policy Document

Significant Features and Benefits:

The standard Clubguard Policy includes the following:

Section A - Material Damage - "All Risks" basis

Theft Cover is subject to Forcible & Violent Entry/Exit to/from The Premises
£350 Franchise - this means that the Section does not cover any claims less than £350, and when a claim of more than £350 is submitted no excess is deducted
Minimum General Contents Sum Insured £15000
Including Trophies and Regalia whilst at the private dwelling house of any authorised member & transit thereto and therefrom subject to a £50 excess
Explosion Cover includes commercial boilers
Excluding Property in the Open unless specifically agreed otherwise
Employees Personal Effects Limit £350 subject to a £50 excess
Including Theft Damage to the Premises where the Insured is legally responsible
Including Debris Removal
Including Damage caused by leakage of Bulk Supplied Beverages, Fuel
Including Loss of Metered Water £1500
Including Seasonal Increase in Stock Sums Insured - by 20% from 15th November to 15th January and 30 days preceding Easter Day
Including Replacement of external door locks &/or keys and Safe keys following theft of Keys from the insured premises or the home of an authorised member/Employee subject to Limit £500 any one claim and subject to an Excess of £25
Including Temporary Removal, Collection and Delivery of Contents subject to limit of 15% of the Sum Insured
Including Day One (Non Adjustable) Cover on the Contents (excluding Stock) with inflationary uplift of 25%

Cover can be extended to include Terrorism and/or Subsidence, ground heave and landslip

Section B - Business Interruption

Interruption to the Business following an insured loss under the Material Damage section, which results in reduced income and increased running costs

Declaration Linked 133.33% Basis on Gross Income
Explosion Cover includes commercial boilers
Including Specified infectious or contagious illness manifested by any authorised member, guest or Employee whilst at The Premises
Including murder or suicide occurring at The Premises
Including Food Poisoning - injury or illness of any authorised member or guest arising from or traceable to foreign or injurious matter in food or drink provided at The Premises
Including Closure of the premises by a public authority due to defects in the drains and other sanitary arrangements at the Premises
Including Damage to Property at any generating station or sub-station of the electricity supply
Including Damage to the Property at any water works or pumping station of the public water supply
Denial of Access to The Premises following Damage to property in the vicinity of The Premises which prevents or hinders access or use of The Premises

Cover can be extended to include Terrorism Cover

Section C - Members Effects "All Risks"

Including sports equipment, clothing and other personal effects whilst at The Premises or whilst at any other premises in connection with the activities of the Business
Limit £250 per Member subject to £10 excess each and every claim
Excluding loss or Damage by Theft unless evidenced by forcible and violent means
Excluding that part of any property undergoing repair, cleaning, alteration, renovation or engraving
Excluding consequential loss
Excluding depreciation, wear & tear, action of light or atmospheric conditions, insects, vermin, rust, wet or dry rot or any gradually operating cause

Section D - Money - Loss of Money belonging to your Business

Limit £250,000 Non- Negotiable forms of Money whilst at The Premises, in transit or private dwelling house of the Insured's principals, authorised Employees or authorised Members


Limits for Negotiable forms of Money:-

£250 after Business Hours not contained in locked safe
£1,000 after Business Hours contained in any unspecified locked safe - limits in excess of this amount must be agreed separately subject to approval of the safe make & model details and additional premium
£2000 in transit or in the bank night safe or whilst at the premises of the Insured during Business hours - limits in excess of this amount must be agreed separately subject to additional premium and security, including Money In Transit Condition (see below)
£500 at the private dwelling house of the Insured's principals, authorised Employees or authorised Members
£500 from any one Gaming Machine, subject to a Maximum of £1500 in all
£150 from any change machines

Money In Transit Condition:-

Money in transit shall be accompanied at all times by an escort of able bodied adult persons not less in number than those specified hereunder:

a)   No. of Persons Lower Limit  Upper Limit
  1 £1 £2,000
  2 £2,001 £5,000
  3 £5,001 £8,000
b)  private transport to be used for amounts greater than £2,000 where distance exceeds one mile.

Including loss or damage to clothing & personal effects of any principal, authorised Employee or authorised Member following robbery of Money or any attempt thereat subject to a Limit £100 per person
Including the cost of replacement or repair of any safe or case, bag or waistcoat used for the carrying of Money following theft or attempted theft of Money


Fidelity Guarantee Cover - loss due to fraud or dishonesty of any authorised Employee or Authorised discovered:-

  1. within 7 days of its occurrence subject to Money Section Limits
  2. after 7 days but within 30 days of its occurrence subject to £5000 limit and a 25% coinsurance by the Insured

Subject to a Safe Keys Condition - it is a condition precedent to liability that the Safe Keys are removed from The Premises outside Business Hours.

Shortage due to clerical or accountancy errors
Loss from unattended vehicles
Losses arising outside the Great Britain, Northern Island, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man


Section E - Employers Liability

Protection against the insured"s legal liabilities for bodily injury to the insured"s employees up to:-

Limit £10,000,000 plus costs and expenses
Legal costs and expenses in defending prosecutions under all relevant health and safety legislation
Worldwide cover for employees normally resident in the UK who are temporarily working overseas
Cover for acts of terrorism is limited to £5,000,000 per event
Liability in respect of liquidated damages, penalty clauses and fines
Work in or on or travel to or from any offshore installation or support vessel
Bodily injury to an employee carried in or on, entering or alighting a vehicle or where Road Traffic Act Legislation applies.

Section F - Public & Products Liability -

Protection against the Insured"s legal liability for bodily injury to third parties and damage to their property, including obstruction, trespass, nuisance, interference, wrongful arrest and eviction

Limit £2,000,000 including costs and expenses - a higher limit of £5,000,000 is available upon request subject to additional premium
Excess £250 Third Party Property Damage
Including Member to Member Liability
Including liability in respect of loss or damage to premises (or fixtures & fittings thereof) leased or rented to the Insured (other than loss or damage caused by a peril which the lease stipulates that insurance shall be effected by the lessee or tenant) subject to an Excess of £100 of such loss or damage caused by fire or explosion
Cover for acts of Terrorism is limited to £2,000,000 for any one event

Loss or damage to propery in the custody of control of the Insured or to products supplied
Gradual pollution or contamination
Work in or on or travel to or from or products supplied to any offshore installation or support vessel
Liquidation damages, penalty clauses, fines or punitive damages
Exposure to, inhalation of, fears of the consequences of exposure to/inhalation of, costs incurred in repairing, removing, replacing, recalling, rectifying, reinstating or managing any property arising out of the presence of Asbestos.

Section G - Personal Accident

For Officials and employees of the Insured whilst on official club business

Specified Benefits for

Total and irrecoverable loss of sight in one or both eyes
Loss of one or more limbs
Permanent and total disablement (other than by loss of limbs or sight) which after 104 weeks from the date of such Bodily Injury prevents an Insured Person from following, engaging in or giving attention to any kind of profession or occupation.
Total disablement from engaging in or giving attention to profession or occupation commencing within 12 calendar months of Bodily Injury as aforesaid payable per week (payable for 104 weeks maximum)
Partial disablement from engaging in or giving attention to a substantial part of profession or occupation commencing within 12 months of Bodily Injury as aforesaid. payable per week (payable for 104 weeks maximum)
Including Medical Expenses up to 15% of the amount paid for any valid claim in respect of Weekly Benefits

Excluding death or disablement resulting from:-

  1. suicide or attempted suicide or wilful exposure to danger (except an attempt to save human life) or due to or contributed to or accelerated by any sexually transmitted disease or insanity (whether temporary or otherwise)
  2. pregnancy or childbirth
  3. Flying or other aerial activities except while travelling in an aircraft as a passenger pilot or aircrew nor for the purpose of undertaking any trade or technical operation in or on the aircraft
  4. accidents occurring whilst an Insured is
    1. engaged in mountaineering or rock climbing necessitating the use of ropes or guides, sub-aqua or sub-terranean pursuit, winter sports, hunting, playing football or rugby for which remuneration is received or motor cycling as driver or passenger
    2. engaged in or practising for speed or time trials, sprints or racing of any kind (other than on foot)
    3. under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs (other than drugs taken under medical supervision and not for the drug addiction).

Section H Legal Expenses

Some important facts about your Commercial Business Care Legal Expenses insurance are summarised below. This summary does not describe all the terms and conditions of your policy, so please take time to read the policy document to make sure you understand the cover it provides. When reviewing your policy it should be read in conjunction with your Policy Schedule.
Insurer: Groupama Insurance Company Limited, Groupama House, 24-26 Minories, London. EC3N 1DE
Coverholder: Composite Legal Expenses Limited, Suffolk House, Trade Street, Cardiff CF10 5DT.
Your cover is valid for one year.

Significant Features and Benefits Significant and unusual exclusions or limitations Relevant section in the policy document

Legal Expenses Cover  

This policy covers legal and professional fees, costs and expenses up to an aggregate limit of indemnity of £500,000 (£100,000 any one claim) in connection with legal proceedings in respect of any of the following insured incidents:
1. Disputes with Employees. Defending actions brought by employees (e.g. unfair or wrongful dismissal, redundancy, pension rights, etc).
2. Employment Awards. Providing legal advice is followed your insurance will pay industrial tribunal awards.
3. Criminal Proceedings Defence Cover. The costs of defending your employees, directors or partners for prosecutions relating to your normal business activities.
4. Protection of Licences. Costs of appeal against altering, revoking or suspension of a statutory licence.
5. Property Legal Protection. Support is provided in respect of the pursuit of legal rights of your premises. It enables your business to pursue claims arising from negligent acts and omissions of others and to pursue liability for wrongful acts under the rule of Rylands v Fletcher (1868).
6. Goods or Services Contract Disputes . The business is supported in respect of disputes over the quality of goods or services sold or supplied, including enforcement.
7. Tax, VAT, PAYE, NIC Investigations including Inland Revenue Schedule D and Corporation Tax Investigation. Professional fees incurred with our consent.
The Legal Expenses Section does not cover:
• Claims notified outside the Period of Insurance. You must notify us within 180 days of any circumstances that may give rise to a claim.
• Any claim which has not been notified via our Commercial Legal Helpline. Also any action taken by the insured that has not been approved by us via the Legal Helpline, which may give rise to a claim
• Under insured incident 1 any any claim against you for personal injury to the claimant and/or loss or damage to his property.
• Under insured incident 1 any dispute where you have failed to consult the Commercial Legal Helpline immediately upon becoming aware of the dispute or potential dispute or where you have failed to heed the written advice of a Panel Solicitor or where you have failed to follow the procedures prescribed by the Commercial Legal Helpline.
• Under insured incident 2 any dispute where the award is in respect of a redundancy or in the event of your breach of a fixed term contract.
• Under insured incident 3 any claim where prosecutions are deliberately or intentionally solicited by you or involves dishonesty or violence by you (unless later acquitted) or where you have pleaded guilty and / or admitted liability.
• Claims where you take action without first obtaining our agreement or cause delay or fail to give reasonable assistance to us.
• Claims reported more than 180 days after the Insured Incident.
• Any claim where legal costs are incurred without our authority.
• Any matter in respect of which you are entitled to Legal Aid
• Most types of dispute with local or national government authorities.
• Under insured incident 4 costs in respect of an original application or standard renewal.
• Under insured incident 6 any dispute relating to any contract entered into by you in connection with a business other than for your contract of employment. Also in respect of any contract where the amount in dispute is less than £250 or more than £10,000.
• Under insured incident 7 professional fees relating to investigations or disputes notified or which start outside the period of insurance. Also any Aspect Enquiries less than £100 or more than £1000 or any case involving criminal proceedings or fraud.
• Under insured incident 7 the first £250 of legal costs and expenses.
Terms and conditions of policy
Commercial Legal Helpline
We provide a 24 hour, seven days a week helpline service.
Terms and conditions of policy
Legal Advice Service
We will give you confidential legal advice over the phone on any personal legal problem, under the laws of the United Kingdom.
Terms and conditions of the Legal Expenses SectionWe hope that you will be happy with your insurance policy. If not, please contact us (or the intermediary or organisation that arranged this insurance on your behalf). If you decide not to proceed with this insurance you should return the Policy Documents within 14 days of receipt.
Providing a claim has not been made and so long as no incidents have arisen that could result in a claim under the policy, we will refund any premium you have paid.

Making a Claim Legal Expenses Claim
Call the Composite Legal Expenses claims helpline on: 0871 423 5244
The following information will be required:
• Policy reference as above.
• Your name and address.
• The type of insured problem you are experiencing
Complaints Procedure
If you are not satisfied with any aspect of this policy or our service, you should write to: The Managing Director Composite Legal Expenses Limited, Suffolk House, Trade Street, Cardiff CF10 5DT.
If your concern or issue cannot be settled you may be entitled to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
If you wish to put your complaint direct to the insurer, their address is Groupama Insurance Company Limited, Groupama House, 24-26 Minories, London. EC3N 1DE
Groupama Insurance Company Limited is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This means that you may be entitled to receive compensation if it is unable to meet its obligations. Full details are available from FSCS.Groupama Insurance Company Limited Registered Number 995253
Registered in England Registered Office: Groupama House 24-26 Minories London EC3N 1DE,uk
Member of the Association of British Insurers
Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority

Section I - Executive Liability - this section is underwritten by Catlin Insurance UK Ltd

Limit £100,000 in aggregate

For Officials, Trustees or Committee Members of the Club (including their heirs, spouses, estate or legal representatives in the event of their death, incapacity, insolvency or bankruptcy).

Excluding bodily injury, mental anguish, sickness, disease or death or damage to, destruction of or loss of use of any tangible property

Excluding Libel, Slander & Defamation

Excluding any pre-existing Wrongful Act circumstance

Excluding any action for personal profit, remuneration or advantage of the Insured to which they were not legally entitled

Excluding alleged seepage, pollution or contamination of any kind

Excluding proven dishonest, fraudulent or criminal act or omission

Excluding claims made against the Insured by reason of a Wrongful Act committed or alleged to have been committed prior to inception of the policy

Excluding provision of, failure of, breach of or alleged breach of professional services or professional advice

 NB. If a Directors and Officers Cover has been selected instead of the standard Clubguard Executive Liability, please see the Catlin D&O wording listed under Useful Documents Tab (once logged in)

Optional Extensions to Clubguard Package include the following:-

Extension A - Damage to Outdoor Greens, Courts & Irrigation Systems 

Excess £250 each and every claim
Subject to the irrigation system being drained down 1st October to 30th April
Excluding application of or failure of fertilizers or chemicals
Excluding action of weather
Excluding wear, tear & course of play and maintenance work
Excluding mechanical and electrical breakdown

Extension B - Buildings & Tenants Improvements 

£350 Franchise - this means that the Section does not cover any claims less than £350, and when a claim of more than £350 is submitted no excess is deducted
Explosion Cover includes commercial boilers
Including Architects' Fees, Local Authorities & Debris Removal
Including Day One (Non Adjustable) Cover with inflationary uplift of 25%
Subsidence/Landslip/Heave cover can be selected subject to additional premium and Memorandum 8 below, with minimum Excess £1000

Please note that if this section is selected the Glass Section will also be included per details of Optional Extension E below

Extension C - Loss of Licence -

The reduction in value of your business as a result of non-renewal or withdrawal of the Insured"s licence from causes beyond your control

Standard Sum Insured £25,000 - a higher sum insured can be selected subject to additional premium
Loss of Licence for the sale of excisable liquors due to forfeiture under licencing regulations or refusal by the Licencing Authority
Subject to the forfeiture or refusal being due to causes beyond the control of the Insured

Arising out of any town or country planning, improvement or redevelopment
Compulsory purchase or surrender
Reduction or redistribution of licenses
A change in the law

Extension D - Outstanding Debit Balances -

Cover for the cost of tracing and establishing how much the Insured's customers owe the Insured and the amount of any unpaid debts which cannot be traced following loss of or damage to our business books or records.

Subject to loss or damage of the Insured's book of account or other business books being lost or damaged as described by Section A Property Damage Contents Insurance
Total outstanding debits claimed less bad debts must not exceed 75% of the Sum Insured
Subject to the Insured keeping their book of account or other business books in a fire resisting cabinet when not in use or off-site within a building

Extension E - Glass

Excess £100 each and every claim
All internal and external glass
Including damage to contents of display windows, the removal and reinstatement of obstructions to the replacement of glass and damage to window and door frames also damaged at the time of the glass damage subject to an aggregate limit £300
Excluding glass in light fittings, signs, vending machines or stock in trade
Excluding damage in unoccupied or disused premises
Excluding damage caused by workmen effecting alterations or repairs to the premises
Excluding whilst in transit or whilst being fitted
Excluding any item flawed or broken at the commencement of the insurance

Extension F - Frozen Foods

Deterioration of foods following the breakdown of refrigeration units or accidental failure of the public electricity supply

£50 Excess each and every claim
Standard Limit £500 - a higher limit can be selected subject to additional premium
Subject to a limit of £300 any one claim in respect of cabinets over 10 years old
Subject to the Insured effecting a maintenance contract to any refrigeration units which are not under a guarantee period and do not have airtight sealed motor and compressors

Extension G - Goods In Transit

Standard Limit £500 - a higher limit can be selected subject to vehicle security and additional premium
£50 Excess each and every claim
Subject to any unattended vehicle left after 9pm being locked, immobilised and garaged or parked in a secured, enclosed yard
Excluding damage to property in any soft topped, open topped or open sided vehicle if caused by theft or attempt thereat, malicious damage or storm


Unless stated otherwise All Clubguard Policies are subject to:-

MEMORANDUM 2 - General Protections & Risk Improvements Condition

It is hereby noted and agreed that with all existing protections and any additional protections required by The Underwriters shall be maintained throughout the period of insurance and be in actual and complete operation whenever the Premises are left unattended. Furthermore, if the Underwriters survey the insured Premises, it is a condition precedent to the liability of the Underwriters that all requirements as specified in the Risk Improvements remain in place and fully operational throughout the currency of this Policy.

MEMORANDUM 3 - Physical Protections Condition

It is a condition precedent to The Underwriter's liability in respect of Damage by Theft or any attempt thereat that:

In respect of all external doors (including wicket gates) and internal doors leading to other premises or part of premises not occupied by the insured.

Timber and Steel Doors
To be secured by either

  1. a mortice deadlock conforming to BS3621 together with a compatible boxed striking plate
  2. a close shackle padlock with minimum shackle thickness of 10mm together with the manufacturer's corresponding locking bar
    or (for doors other than final exit)
    (iii) two key operated security bolts for doors one fitted approximately 300mm from the top of the door and the other approximately 300mm from the bottom.

Aluminium and UPVC Doors
To be secured by a cylinder operated mortice deadlock or deadlocking multi-point locking system.

Roller Shutter Doors
To be secured by either

  1. two cylinder operated shutter locks with one lock fitted at each end of the shutter
  2. a close shackle padlock with minimum shackle thickness of 10mm together with the manufacturers corresponding locking bar.

Horizontal Sliding or Folding Doors
To be secured by either

  1. a hook bolt mortice deadlock
  2. a close shackle padlock with minimum shackle thickness of 10mm together with the manufacturer's corresponding locking bar

Double Leaf Doors
The final closing leaf to be secured by the appropriate locks as detailed above the first closing leaf to be secured by flush bolts or key operated security bolts top and bottom throwing into the framework and sill.

Outward Opening Doors (applicable to timber and steel doors only)
In addition to the appropriate locks and bolts detailed above each outward opening door to be fitted with hinge bolts top and bottom.

The above requirements do not apply to any door officially designated as a fire exit by the fire authority other than security for outward opening doors.

Each ground floor and basement opening window or skylight and other window or skylight accessible from decks roofs balconies canopies fire escapes or downpipes to be secured by a key operated lock fitted independently of the existing fastener unless the lock forms part of the original fastener design.

This requirement does not apply to any window or skylight which is either

  1. protected by solid steel bars grilles lockable gates expanded metal or weld-mesh
  2. officially designated as a fire exit by the fire authority

MEMORANDUM 5 - Premises Inspection Condition

It is a condition precedent to liability that the Insured:-

  1. at the close of business makes an examination of the buildings for smouldering matches, tobacco or other smoking materials, emptying ashtrays and smoking waste materials into a metal lidded receptacle. Furthermore it is warranted that the Insured signs inspection reports made daily, with such reports checked at least once a week by the management, or where no employees, the aforementioned to be carried out by an Authorised Member(s) as agreed by the Insured or by the committee.
  2. Has a responsible person inspect all gym equipment daily before use and any such equipment which is found to be defective is immediately withdrawn from use until it has been satisfactorily repaired   


MEMORANDUM 6 - Frying and Cooking Equipment Condition


It is a condition precedent to liability that
i) the frying equipment within the Premises is securely fixed and free from contact with any combustible materials and installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers instructions
ii) the equipment is fitted with a cooking thermostat which prevents the temperature of fat or oil exceeding 205 degrees Centigrade (401 degrees Fahrenheit). Gas-heated equipment is additionally fitted with a flame failure cut-off device
iii) exhaust hoods, canopies and filters where installed are cleaned at regular intervals not less than once every month and maintained by professional servicing at least once in each 12 month period
iv) no flammable solvents or other flammable cleaning aids are used

v) the following is provided in the vicinity of the equipment in a clearly accessible position
a) a fire extinguisher suitable for use on fat or oil fires
b) a fire blanket

 MEMORANDUM 7 - Snooker/Billiard/Pool Table Clause - 

The Insurance by this Policy excludes loss of or damage to Billiard/ Snooker tables caused by

  1. the use of heated irons
  2. sparks, lighted or burning matter from
    1. smoking materials,
    2. lamps or their shades
  3. a cue or rest

MEMORANDUM 11 - Flat Roof Inspection Condition

It is a condition precedent to liability that any flat roof area of the insured Premises is inspected annually by a competent person and written details of it's condition logged within the Insured's records and any damaged or worn areas to be made good within 30 days of the damage or worn areas being noticed.


Section F Public and Products Liability -
  1. It is a condition precedent to liability that
    1. the Insured ensures that all saunas at the Premises are inspected and all combustible materials removed
      1. before they are switched on and at the close of business or when they are switched off and
      2. at 2 hourly intervals whilst the Premises are open for business
    2. the Insured ensures that all inspections are logged by the Employee(s) responsible and that the reports are checked weekly by the by the management, or where no employees, the aforementioned to be carried out by an Authorised Member(s) as agreed by the Insured or by the committee.
    3. all surfaces subject to damp or wet conditions have non-slip floor surfaces
    4. instructions are given to customers as to the method of safe use of the facilities
    5. the use of the facilities is adequately supervised by a competent person
    6. in connection with all ultra-violet or infra-red treatment facilities
      1. all equipment inspected at least annually by a qualified electrical engineer
      2. customers are given detailed instructions on the safe use of the equipment
      3. customers are advised, before treatment begins, of the possible health risk of ultra violet rays
  2. The Underwriters will not provide indemnity in respect of
    1. advice, design, consultancy or instruction other than the provision of sauna, Turkish baths, hydro massage or ultra violet or infra red treatment facilities
    2. the hiring out of equipment
    3. the treatment of any person with ultra violet or infra red treatment facilities when such person
      1. knows he or she suffers from skin allergies, high or low blood pressure or circulation disorders
      2. is in an advanced state of pregnancy
      3. is taking prescribed medicine
      unless they produce, before treatment begins, a medical certificate stating that they may undergo treatment

MEMORANDUM 14 - Hot Works Condition

It is a condition precedent to liability that whenever the Insured has Hot Works carried on at the Premises, a record must be kept by Insured of all contractors liability insurance with the contractors confirmation that they are insured for Hot Works contracts and have a Hot Works Permit System.

A Hot Works Permit System must include the following;-

  1. An appointed Responsible Person to issue permits and monitor their use
  2. Before the permit is issued, the said Responsible Person must inspect the area to ensure that all combustible material is removed from the area of work. Combustible material and equipment that cannot be temporarily relocated to be covered with fire-retardant tarpaulins or other non-combustible covers.
  3. Blow lamps, torches and flame guns not to be left unattended
  4. At least a portable fire extinguisher or hydraulic hose reel, to be provided at the place where the Hot Work is to take place, ready for immediate use in the event of an outbreak of fire.
  5. A 'fire watch' to continue for at least 1 hour after the completion of the work, to detect and extinguish any incipient burning in the work area and in any adjoining area to which sparks and heat may have spread.

Furthermore, Hot Works must always be carried out by a bona fide sub contractor with own insurance and NEVER be carried out by the Insured.

MEMORANDUM 16 - Construction

It is hereby noted and agreed that the building(s) construction is as detailed in the proposal form which is lodged with The Underwriters

MEMORANDUM 17 - Professional Treatment Risk

Section F - Public and Products Liability includes the following but only if the treatment(s) has been disclosed to The Underwriters and the appropriate additional premium paid:

  1. Barber in respect of washing, styling, cutting and drying of hair
  2. Hairdresser in respect of:
    1. tinting, dyeing, bleaching, permanent waving or special treatment of hair
    2. eyebrow and eyelash plucking, shaping and tinting
    3. cutting and shaping of nails including the application of acrylic coatings
    4. ear piercing by the gun and stud method
  3. Beautician in respect of:
    1. cosmetics
    2. facial masks including ionisation and steaming treatments
    3. hair removal preparations other than electrolysis
  4. Electro - mechanical slimming treatments in connection with the provision of electro-mechanical slimming treatments provided that the equipment:
    1. is inspected at least annually by a qualified electrical engineer and full instructions are given to customers as to the method of safe use of the facilities
    2. Is under regular supervision by a responsible trained person who shall be on the premises continuously while the equipment is in use
  5. In connection with hair removal by electrolysis provided that:
    1. such electrolysis equipment is inspected at least annually by a qualified electrical engineer
    2. the electrolysis equipment is operated by a trained person(s) who is named on the Schedule
  6. Additional Treatments
    In connection with the Additional Treatment(s) and person(s) specified in the Schedule

MEMORANDUM 18 - Bonfire and Firework Displays Condition

It is a condition precedent to liability that the following safety standards must be complied with, and any variance must be agreed with The Underwriters:-

Firework Safety

  1. Fireworks are kept in a closed metal box and taken out one at a time
  2. The instructions on each firework are followed carefully. They should be read by torchlight, never a naked flame
  3. Pets are kept indoors
  4. Fireworks are lit at arms length using a safety firework lighter or fuse wick
  5. Organisers retreat quickly after lighting and stand well back
  6. Organisers never go back to a firework once lit as it may still be live and could ignite causing extensive injury
  7. Fireworks are not thrown, kept in pockets or played with
  8. Used fireworks are collected after the display with the utmost care, doused with water and either buried or placed in a metal bucket
  9. Children are not permitted to collect used fireworks

Bonfire Safety

  1. Bonfires are lit away from houses, garages, sheds, trees, fences and overhead cables and not closer than 30 metres
  2. Bonfires should be kept well away from the fireworks display
  3. Dangerous rubbish, such as foam filled furniture, aerosols, tins of paint and bottles, should not be burnt
  4. Bonfires should be stable so as not to fall to one side
  5. Flammable liquids, such as paraffin or petrol, should not be used to light the bonfire: use firelighters
  6. Hoses, fire extinguishers or buckets of water should be nearby in case of an emergency
  7. People should be kept a safe distance away from the fire by setting up a rope cordon. Children should be kept under careful supervision at all times
  8. Water should be poured on the bonfire embers to ensure that they are completely extinguished before the site is left
  9. It is hereby understood and agreed that the insureds legal liability in respect of bonfire and firework displays is limited to any club member, Employee of The Insured or any guest of any club member or Employee of the Insured and specifically excludes legal liability to members of the public attending the event, whether or not any payment for entry is made, who is not a guest of any club member or Employee of The Insured


General Safety for Public Displays 

a. General Safety for Public Displays Before setting up your event, the local fire brigade, police and first aid association should be informed
b. A drill should be in place for notifying emergency services
c. There should be ample space. Spectators should be kept at preferably 50 but no less than 22 metres distance from a firework display
d. A rope or strong barrier should clearly mark off the display area
e. The site should have as many entrances and exits as possible which are to be kept clear of obstructions
f. Stewards should be appointed to guide spectators
g. Fire extinguishers should be on hand as well as buckets of water and sand



Clubguard Policies may also be subject to (as per quotation details)


MEMORANDUM 1 - 3 year Long Term Agreement -

It is noted and agreed that the Insured having renewed and paid the policy premium, the Long Term Agreement, as below, is effective from the (insert renewal date with year)

The Insured hereby undertakes to offer annually for three years the Insurance under the Section(s) covered by this Policy on the Terms and Conditions in force at the expiry of each Period of Insurance and to pay the premium(s) thereon annually in advance, it being understood that:

1. The Underwriters shall be under no obligation to accept an offer made in accordance with this undertaking.
2. The sum insured may be reduced at any time to correspond with any reduction in value.

This Long Term Agreement shall apply to any Policy or Policies which may be issued by The Underwriters within the said period of three years in substitution for the above mentioned Policy.

It is further agreed that this Agreement shall be without prejudice to the terms of the cancellation condition under the General Condition No. 15 of the Policy by virtue of which The Underwriters may at any time terminate the Insurance as set out in the said Condition.

MEMORANDUM 4 - Intruder Alarm Protections Condition

It is a condition precedent to The Underwriter's liability in respect of Damage by Theft or any attempt thereat that:

  1. Whenever the Premises are closed for business or left unattended they shall be protected by an Intruder Alarm
    1. the Specification of which has been agreed by The Underwriters
    2. which shall be set in its entirety.
  2. The Insured shall
    1. keep in force during the currency of this Section a contract with a company, acceptable to The Underwriters, to maintain the Intruder Alarm in proper working order
    2. obtain written permission from The Underwriters before agreeing to any alteration to
      1. the maintenance companys emergency service facilities
      2. any part of the Intruder Alarm
  3. If the Police give warning of a withdrawal of their service, the Insured shall immediately notify The Underwriters
  4. If any defect in the Intruder Alarm is discovered or the Police have withdrawn their services, the Insured shall
    1. immediately notify The Underwriters
    2. not leave the Premises unattended without the prior consent of The Underwriters
    3. put into effect such additional temporary precautions and safeguards as The Underwriters may require
    4. notify the maintenance company immediately and give immediate instructions for the necessary repairs to be carried out

MEMORANDUM 8 - Subsidence Extension -

It is hereby noted and agreed that Exception D(i) under Optional Extension B Buildings and Tenants Improvements is deleted and of no further effect.

The Policy is extended to include

SUBSIDENCE OR GROUND HEAVE of the site on which the Property Insured stands or LANDSLIP but excluding:

  1. Damage Caused by:
    1. coastal erosion
    2. collapse, cracking, shrinkage or settlement of buildings or any part thereof
    3. defective design or inadequate construction of foundations
    4. demolition, structural alteration or repair
    5. settlement or movement of made up ground
  2. Damage to forecourts, car parks, driveways, footpaths, walls, gates, hedges or fences unless specifically insured and then only when such Damage occurs also to a building insured hereunder such Damage
  3. Damage which originated prior to the inception of this cover
  4. The first £1,000 of each and every claim as ascertained after the application of the condition of Average
Limit of Liability:
The sum insured as stated by each item on the Schedule.

MEMORANDUM 9 - Unoccupied Condition -

It is a condition precedent to liability that:

  1. all waste, refuse and other disused combustible material (s) be cleared from the building(s) and surrounding yards and removed from the premises
  2. all external doors be securely closed (and locked if practicable) and all keys accounted for; such locks to be changed immediately in the event of a key becoming misplaced or lost
  3. all opening windows be securely closed (and locked if practicable)
  4. all accessible windows be securely barred and/or boarded and/or bricked up
  5. all letter box flaps and other similar gaps and orifices be securely sealed
  6. other than those required to maintain essential services and agreed by The Underwriters during the period of unoccupancy, all gas and electricity supplies to be switched off and disconnected and all water apparatus to be drained and switched off
  7. the Insured arranges for the premises to be inspected at least once per week or at such frequency agreed in writing by The Underwriters during the period of unoccupancy
  8. the Insured notifies The Underwriters immediately on becoming aware that the premises are to be occupied by contractors for renovation, alteration or conversion purposes

MEMORANDUM 10 - Property in the Open -

It is noted that the following Exceptions are added to Section A - Property Insurance Club Contents


  1. loss or Damage of any Property kept in the open by Theft or attempted Theft
  2. loss or Damage of any Property in the open caused by riot civil commotion strikers locked out workers or persons taking part in labour disturbances or malicious persons
  3. loss or Damage of any Property in the open caused by Storm Tempest or Flood
  4. loss or Damage of any Property in the open caused by Impact by any road vehicle or by goods falling therefrom, or by animal
  5. loss or Damage of any Property in the open caused by any Accidental Damage

MEMORANDUM 12 - Obsolete Buildings Clause -

An industrial or commercial buildings, occupied or otherwise, may be considered to be obsolete when:

  • It is at least 50 years old
  • It is impractical to re-build in the same style and/or materials
  • It is not listed nor subject to any statutory or other rebuild or reinstate damage in existing style and/or materials in whole or in part.

It is hereby understood that in the event of a substantial loss, the Insured shall:

  1. replace the building with another one of modern style and materials or
  2. purchase another similar building

In either case providing comparable facilities at a lower cost than that which would be incurred by rebuilding in the existing form. In such circumstances for the purpose of Average the Basis of Valuation shall be respectively:

  1. the cost of erecting a modern building providing comparable facilities plus, if insured an allowance for debris removal costs, professional charges/fees and additional expenditure arising from local authority requirements, or
  2. the cost of purchasing a similar building to the one insured, plus if insured, an allowance for debris removal costs

MEMORANDUM 15 Additional Interest details